Peter Carl Fabergé

As a young jeweller Carl Fabergé believed in the principle that a product’s value was determined by its design and quality and not by the value of the precious metals and stones used to make it. When the master designed products using precious stones, they were for decorative purposes. Production techniques for different types of enamel were developed by Fabergé’s atelier and this remained his greatest achievement, which allowed him to produce products of perfect quality.

Veronika Lernesjö

Veronika Lernesjö was born and raised in Russia and her interest in jewellery design resulted in her taking up a new career after attending a range of courses on jewellery making, silversmithing and pearl design. Veronika designs necklaces and bracelets made of semi-precious stones, pearls and gold to accompany the world famous design eggs. The basic principle is flexibility. The wearer can change the appearance of the necklace by removing the pendant or replacing it with one of a different design.

Monica Monetti

Monica studied jewellery design in Italy. In March 2013 she started a collaboration with the company’s design department, planning and designing many products which have come into actual production today. Monica is adding a fresh and young touch to the collection.

Mikhailov Alexander

Mr Alexander has for the last decade been Chief of the Design of the factory in Saint Petersburg Ltd. located only 500 m from the original studios of Carl Fabergé. He is in charge of the entire Anastasija collection. Beside this he has been teaching Jewellery Design at the Saint Petersburg state university of culture and arts.

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